The ability to focus on multiple tasks daily is required to operate a small business. Fortunately, technology allows for improved productivity and multitasking. Time management and the management of tasks can be improved with a little help. Here are a few time management tools for your small business.


Trello is a popular tool for managing projects that allows you to create a variety of things while keeping communication centralized. The tool also allows for deadline scheduling. Toyota’s Kanban method is what you should know to effectively utilize the software for your small business. Alternatives include Wrike, Basecamp, and Asana.


Wunderlist can be used to manage tasks in your small business and personal life. Task collaboration, project management, scheduling, lists, and reminders can all be achieved with the use of Wunderlist. The design is simple and tasks are marked off as they are scheduled. This works on a variety of devices.


An app for tracking time for individuals and teams, Harvest helps with scheduling to keep projects on track. Additional features include invoices, payments, tracking expenses, and the ability to integrate with over one hundred apps. Customer support for small businesses is amazing with multiple management tools.


A collection apps from Google designed for any size business with competitive pricing.  The calendar, email, and other apps like Google Keep integrate to increase productivity.

Focus Booster

The Pomodoro Technique is something that you should be aware of for your small business. Productivity can be increased effectively with this method for tracking time. There are blocks of time for tasks, work, and breaks usually in increments of 25 minutes. The technique can be done with pen and paper by setting a kitchen timer.


Small businesses can use Boomerang in conjunction with Gmail to create reminders, schedule, and respond to multiple emails at once. It assists in avoiding conversations that aren’t productive.

Neuroscientists designed the small business app Brain.Fm to improve productivity for themselves. It uses music to improve your cognitive state. With all these tools available, you can make your small business run smoothly and profitably.