Marketers are often faced with a difficult decision: dedicate limited internal resources or hire a local digital marketing agency. On the one hand, there’s always a strong argument for keeping all advertising efforts in-house. After all, who understands your brand better than the people who live it every day? On the other hand, however, is an intriguing and potentially lucrative partnership that can enhance your brand awareness. Here are five reasons why digital marketing agencies are worth the cost and tradeoff of branding autonomy.

Local Agencies Free You Up

Great marketing executives and creative directors make their bones off great ideas. Sure, these ideas are crafted into comprehensive campaigns, but it’s unusual for the same person to conceive messaging, write copy, produce creative, and place the buys to support it. If that all falls on one person, or even a small group of people, they’re extremely likely to get burnt out. A digital marketing agency frees them up to focus on the aspects of marketing they do best.

It’s also important to recognize that digital agencies specialize in new media. That means they are constantly working to stay on top of, if not ahead of, the curve. In the digital world, that is invaluable, as in-house marketing departments can rarely devote time, energy, or cash to learning about emerging channels or platforms.

Local Agencies Know the Local Turf

A local digital marketing agency understands your market. They know what new businesses are coming to town, and they know which ones are closing. More importantly, they know why. Any local digital marketing agency worth its salt has its finger on the pulse of their area’s demographics and business environment.

Local Agencies Can Respond to You Quickly

Local digital marketing agencies live and die off their reputation for getting things done for their clients. To that end, all the good ones are extremely service-oriented, ready to respond and pivot on a proverbial moment’s notice. If you are operating a small, in-house marketing department, there are times where quick reaction simply may not be possible.

Local Agencies Are Locally Connected

Local agencies will also negotiate and place your ad buys, both on traditional and new media. It helps to have local insight here; a well-connected account executive from your agency can get you a great deal with their counterpart at the media outlet if they have an established relationship.

You wouldn’t expect your receptionist to repair your signage, right? The same is true for marketing. Think of it as another vendor that provides an invaluable service. You’ll likely start to see the return on this decision very quickly.