Heading into a new year or quarter, it is a good idea to set goals for yourself and your company in the areas of Search Engine Optimization and marketing. Your SEO goals should be designed to help you pinpoint and strengthen weak points in your rankings while improving the user experience on your site. There are many different goals you can make depending on where your current habits are, but there are three which should top the list for almost any company: keep up with technology, study the trends and algorithm changes regularly, and improve your page load speeds.

Stay Ahead of New Technology and It’s SEO Impact

New tech impacts SEO in ways that may not be obvious to those who do not study things like AI, voice search and responsive websites. If you choose one tech news site to read for even ten minutes a day, you can see what the latest innovations are and how they are likely to shape the future for search engines, optimizing websites and improving your products and services. This can also help you study how recent tech solutions have already shaped e-commerce and digital marketing to teach you new skills and new metrics to watch.

Keep Up With Trends and Algorithm Changes

Your SEO goals should include watching for changes in search engine algorithms and how trends in consumer online activity shape those changes. Search engines are always looking for ways to bring users more relevant results, which means tweaking the algorithm to value some things more. If your website already incorporates the factors web crawlers are looking for, then your rankings will improve. Making changes to your site is risky because not every update increases traffic and conversions but tailoring those changes to current trends and algorithm updates can decrease the risk.

Improve Page Load Speeds

The faster your pages load, the less likely your users will click away before purchase and the more reliable your website will look to search engine algorithms. Making a company goal to shave valuable seconds off your load speeds by optimizing graphics, pictures and text can be one of the best things you can do for your bottom line.

Making SEO goals for yourself and your company can mean setting aside time each day to study the latest technology and trends, and it can mean working to shave a few seconds off your load speed and keeping your pages updated regularly. The better your goals, the higher your rankings are likely to be.