Working as a web developer allows you to create websites for yourself and other people. You’re experienced in coding, but you hear about new developments all the time and wonder how they could improve your work. Turn this thought into reality by taking these actions to step up your web development skills.

Work on Open-Source Sites

You prefer to work on sites you own, but by contributing to an open-source project, you get to see other people’s coding methods. You also receive feedback on your own code because the people working on your open-source project edit your contributions. Finally, projects from GitHub and similar sites are usually low-stakes, so you can enjoy the process of coding and learning without stressing about your paycheck.

Practice Each Day

Even if you don’t have a specific job to complete every day, include writing code in your daily routine. The more you code, the more proficient you become, and the easier it is to get started. Set a timer and spend ten minutes working in a code editor, figuring out the keyboard shortcuts and noticing what mistakes you usually make.

Teach Your Skills

With every skillset, teaching other people helps to reinforce your own knowledge. Create a blog and write posts a few times a week in which you explain the basics of web development. If you prefer working with people in person, volunteer to lead a club such as Girls Who Code at your local high school.

Take Breaks

You probably do most of your work at home, and it’s easy to get caught in a rhythm of coding for hours. While this may seem like the most productive way to work, it’s likely to result in errors that cost you job opportunities. You don’t have the energy to be creative with your code when you’re working around the clock. Take breaks throughout your workday, and set a cut-off time for the end of your day. For example, spend five minutes out of every hour stretching or petting your dog, and stop working on code after seven PM.

Learn Something New

Web designers have endless opportunities to learn something new, whether it’s from a fellow coder or an online tutorial. When you’re sick of your current projects, pick a new skill and spend some time every day mastering it.

By putting these tips into action, you increase your web development skills and reenergize your coding.