Putting infographics on your webpages can help to both draw website user’s eyes, as well as boost your website’s SEO. For those who do not already know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a sort of ranking system that search engines, like Google, use to sort links in their search results. Sites with high SEO scores will show up higher in the search results. So, the higher your site’s SEO score, the more likely people will be to find it when they search for something online.


For the most part, infographics will work the same way as pictures on your website, at least in terms of SEO. One of the ways pictures and infographics are similar is that you can use tags on them. On websites, there is a system to put tags on pictures. For example, if you are using WordPress, you will put your tags in the description of the picture or in the alt attributes.

Once the picture or infographic is tagged, the website will know that the image is related to the text in the article/blog/website. This is as opposed to just having random pictures on your site. Your page should have a good mix of pictures with tags that match or are similar to your keyword/keyword phrase and pictures that do not have these tags in order to have the highest SEO score possible.


Another way having an infographic on your site can help your SEO score is by having a URL in it. Having either internal or external links on your page can help to boost your site’s SEO score, even if the link is in the infographic. One of the best ways to use a URL with your infographic to to have your infographic bring users to the linked page when they click the image, rather than just having the typed URL on the image. Any internal link will work well. However, if you are linking externally, make sure the link comes from a reputable source. Links that go to reputable websites that are related to your keyword, rather than random links, will have more benefit when it comes to boosting your site’s SEO score.

Having infographics can help your website by being more than just something nice for your readers to look at. If you tag and use a URL with them wisely, you can boost your site’s SEO score as well.