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Don’t Give Up on Your Dream of a Business Location of Your Own

At Fortis Funding, many of our first-time clients tell us a similar story: They tried to apply for a real estate loan from a different lender and got turned down. This experience isn’t exactly pleasant, so many business owners hesitate to apply a second time. However, we’ve been able to help countless businesses get the real estate needed without taking on high interest rates. The solution is our stated income commercial real estate financing.
Stated Income

Why You May Have Been Turned Down Before and How Stated Income Loans Help

You shouldn’t feel bad if a loan application for traditional real estate financing gets rejected. It doesn’t usually have anything to do with your entrepreneurial experience or business success. Traditional loans simply carry more risk for lenders, so they often request a sizable amount of collateral to help guarantee the loan. If you’re not comfortable risking assets such as business equipment or other property to use as collateral, there’s a good chance the loan application will be rejected.

Fortunately, stated income financing gets around this problem in a way that is comfortable for business owners and lenders at the same time. Instead of requesting outside assets as collateral, we accept the piece of property you want to buy as its own collateral for the loan. This simplifies the entire process. If you haven’t applied for a stated income commercial real estate loan yet, then you still have a great avenue available for purchasing your ideal business property.

What You Need To Apply

Getting started with a stated income loan for real estate is straightforward. Of course, if you require assistance, we’re happy to explain anything you don’t understand. Here are the basic requirements:

  • Good credit
  • Information about the property
  • Your desired payment structure
  • Basic business documentation

This short list of requirements means that stated income loans are often processed much faster than conventional financing. You can get approved quickly and get the property you want. To find out if your business qualifies, contact us right away.

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate