Purchase order

Have You Considered Purchase Order FInancing?

If you own a business, especially one that engages in pre-sold products, you may be interested in obtaining purchase order financing. In a nutshell, purchase order financing provides up-front cash for a pre-ordered project using the purchase order from the client as collateral. It can be a great way to finance ongoing operations, because small businesses may not have the working capital in hand that they need. Moreover, they may have some difficulty in obtaining funding from a traditional financial institution based on their credit history alone.

Purchase Order
Purchase Order Financing

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Here at Fortis Funding, we strive to provide the funding that small business needs. We are national leaders in purchase order funding. If you are in the import-export business, are a reseller or are involved with warehousing, to name a few, we can get you the capital you need.

Financing by way of using Purchase Orders as collateral can provide numerous benefit for your firm:

  • You receive funds quickly and can use them at your sole discretion
  • You can expand your business
  • You can fulfill  larger orders than usual, which can catalyze your profits
  • Yor deliveries will be made on time