Email Marketing

Reach Out to Loyal Customers With Email Marketing

Digital marketing is all the rage and it’s no surprise why — with the right approach, you can boost traffic to your website and even increase conversions. However, you don’t want to forget the loyal customers who have already made purchases. How can you reach out to previous clients and encourage them to return?

Here at Fortis Funding, we find the best technique is one of the classics: email marketing. Though not as new as other SEO techniques, email marketing is quite effective and relatively simple to use.

Email Marketing

Why Choose Email Marketing?

Email marketing services are all about connecting with customers and giving them reasons to come back to your shop. It’s different than spam, which is sent to a large number of people with the hope that someone will click on it. Instead, email marketing provides the following:

  • Customized messages based on customer purchases
  • Exclusive offers that can only be accessed through the emailed link or code
  • Personalized emails on birthdays to let customers know they’re still a priority

Getting a nice email with a discount is a great way to remind customers of their amazing experience with your business. If you can retain customers, you won’t have to work as hard to expand your base.