One of the influential factors affecting your website’s ranking on a search results page is backlinks. A backlink is a hyperlink from another online source that directs the user to your page.

Quality links from reputable sources indicate to the search engine algorithm that your site is trustworthy, credible and contains valuable information. This data places you higher in the search results, creating more internet traffic for your business.

Explore the following strategies to help your site earn high-quality links that will improve your online visibility.

Build Partnerships

Use your content to direct people to sites that partner well with your organization. Reach out to each business owner to discuss engaging in link-building strategies together to benefit both of your companies. If you have already sent people to their site via a link, they will be more willing to do the same for you.

Blogger Reviews

Reach out to local bloggers who may be willing to try your products or services and write a review. Ensure you are confident with your product and offer it to the bloggers for free in exchange for a review on their blog with included backlinks to your site.

Guest Blogs

Start building relationships with larger sites where you can post guest blogs. If sites allow you to post a guest blog on their page with clickable sections directing readers back to your business, you can broaden your reach and authority. You will gain greater visibility as well as the added benefit of more future opportunities.

Be an Authority

Set up accounts on answer sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Answer questions about your industry to establish your company as a knowledgeable, useful source of valuable information. You can showcase your expertise and include hyperlinks to your website within your profile or answers.

Create Resources

Publish informative, detailed, well-researched lists or guides on your website. People are more likely to find and reference pages that provide comprehensive resources on a topic. Content with high value can amass organic links over time.

Hold Events

When you host a meetup, event, conference or luncheon, community pages will link your information on the event pages or local calendars. If you sponsor local events, the listing site will link to your company from the sponsor page. This strategy has the bonus of making connections offline as well.

Creating high-quality backlinks to your site requires an organized plan and efficient implementation. Develop techniques that work for your business, resources and schedule. The goal of attracting links is to get more traffic to your pages.